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Irma Council: August 8, 2017 Meeting

Motions to accept the agenda, minutes, finances, and accounts payable were made
-Council passed a Storage of Items Policy. This is to deal with groups who want to store items at the office.
-Council decided who is taking the float to Edgerton for the parade
-Council heard that the new crosswalk on 50 Street was finished
-There was a discussion about council members sitting on the health foundations and what may change after the election.
-Council accepted the Recycle Agreement with the MD for 1 year. This is in regards to the recycle bins at the transfer site for businesses and MD ratepayers
-Council has the CAO evaluation date for September
-Administration went of the new requirements of the New MGA for the council code of conduct
– A Motion was passed to have administration contact HRdownloads and purchase a yearly subscription for the policy manual and online training
-The new website is up and running
-Council has passed a motion to have administration negotiate with the selected engineer for the storm water project
-The Village is expecting the road work done by the MD in late August. More information once a date is finalized.
-There was a complaint about two residents properties in the Village. Council passed a motion to have the village send a letter to both landowners outlining why they need to have the property dealt with.
-A motion was passed to have the Village pay for the Dumpsters provided by F5 for Irma Daze

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